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            June 5, 2019 - click here for index of articles.

            Govt tax agenda – A GST on everything

            Before the federal election the Morrison government used incessant phoney accusations that Labor intended to introduce new taxes, even though Labor had stated it only intended to remove unjustified tax concessions concerning imputation credits and negative gearing.  more ...

            Colonial ambitions

            The Morrison government is stepping up its activities as the deputy sheriff of the United States in the Asia-Pacific region and even further afield, following the path of the Howard government, the original deputy sheriff.  more ...

            Unity, Commitment and Victory

            The recent May Day celebrations in Cuba were led by workers carrying enormous banners with the slogan “Unity, Commitment and Victory” again reaffirming the commitment to the revolution.  more ...

            The rich get richer ...

            In an ironic piece of timing, last week the Australian Financial Review published its annual Rich List of Australia’s wealthiest people and the Fair Work Commission (FWC) handed down the findings of its Minimum Wage Review. They told two quite different stories but are not unconnected. The combined wealth of the richest 200 Australian individuals and families rose by $59.1 billion over the past year to reach a whopping $341.8 billion. This is in sharp contrast to the miserly $21.60 per week (51.3 cents per hour) increase to the national minimum wage rate handed down by the Fair Work Commission.  more ...

            Taking Issue – A lesser evil?

            Now that the dust has settled on the election, perhaps it’s a good time to analyse the ACTU’s Change the Rules campaign? Personally, I felt I was being told to vote for Labor unreservedly and, although I agreed that it was obvious the workers would never be given a fair deal from the LNP, I wasn’t too happy – on past experience – with the actions of Labor governments.  more ...

            The Adani Files

            A short history of corruption, destruction and criminal activities.  more ...

            Bunna opposes the bite of the Bight

            The Great Australian Bight is in the sights of Norwegian oil giant Equinor, which plans to drill for oil there.  more ...

            More refugee suicide attempts in PNG

            There have been two more cases, one of attempted suicide and one of serious self-harm, involving refugees in Port Moresby overnight.  more ...

            Stopping the abortion bans is a working-class fight

            There is an attack underway. A full-fledged assault on the rights of working people is happening in the United States of America. It is being spearheaded by a White House administration that has emboldened those who adhere to right-wing ideology and employ bigoted rhetoric in their effort to take away rights that have been fought for by working-class people and their allies. The target of this assault? Reproductive freedom.  more ...

            Bolivarian Revolution

            On April 30, 2019, the Bolivarian Revolution defeated the latest in a series of attempted US-orchestrated coups d’états since the inaugural one on January 23, when Guaidó was recognised as President by Washington.  more ...

            The fight to save America’s farmland

            2016: Forty-eight hours after Donald J Trump was elected President of the United States, this reporter was out in the dusty, brown flatlands of rural Missouri. While large news outlets focused their attention on the rise of Trump’s “silent voters”, and where Clinton went wrong, I wanted to find out why voters took the risk of backing Trump. I wanted to get the “worm’s eye view,” as the late human-interest columnist and war correspondent Ernie Pyle would say.  more ...

            The Twilight Zone – On gun control and obsession

            Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone is currently airing weekly on the streaming service CBS All Access [in Australia on “10 All Access”]. The ninth episode of the series, titled “The Blue Scorpion” may be the most polarising one, given the subject matter it subtly addresses. The story uses supernatural chills to put a spotlight on the topic of gun regulation and the obsession with firearms here in the United States. The messaging is not as overt as in previous episodes, save for Peele’s ending monologue, but through the main character’s journey the topic of gun legislation shines through, taking a shot (pun intended) at addressing why the issue is a divisive one in a number of ways.  more ...

            เกมยิงปลาสุดยอดเกมทำเงินอันดับ 1

            If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth.

            Julian Assange

            This web page was last updated: Wednesday, June 5, 2019.

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